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Интересная статья про сионизм Шолема. Цитата не характерная, но яркая:

I never knew Scholem, but, like many, I have a personal story nonetheless.
I was a student at the kabbalistic yeshiva in Jerusalem Yeshivat Ha-Hayyim ve
ha-Shalom from 1982 to 1984 under the tutelage of the renowned kabbalist Rav
Mordecai Attia. I heard that Scholem had died on Feb. 21, 1982, and the funeral
was to commence just as Rav Attia’s daily shiur in Lurianic Kabbalah was to
begin promptly at 3 p.m. I thought about skipping class to attend Scholem’s
funeral but, as I was then still very much in the Haredi world, even though I
instinctively knew it was an important moment, I decided against it. But
perhaps as an act of rebellion, or just curiosity, before class began I turned
to Rav Attia and said, “Did you know Gershom Scholem died today?” He looked at
me dead-pan and responded, “If you mention his name again you will have to
leave the room.” Then he smiled widely through his long beard, opened his book,
looked at me, and said “read.” We never spoke of it again. In retrospect, I
think Scholem would have appreciated Rav Attia’s response.

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